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Voli vodka is hand-crafted by a master distiller in Cognac, France. It has a delicate blend of superior grade Beauce wheat and natural Gensac spring water that is five-times distilled and non-chill filtered. Voli is extra smooth vodka with a superb finish.

  • Produced in Cognac, France
  • Grain: Superior French Wheat
  • Natural Spring Water
  • 5 Times Distilled, 4 Times Non-chill Filtered
  • Infused High Quality Natural Flavors

Back in March Voli Vodka started following us on Twitter and as a result we became aware of the spirit and its biggest fan and face of the brand, international recording artist, Pitbull.

They were kind enough to send samples and we were thirsty enough to drink all of them.

Samples included: Voli vodka, espresso vanilla fusion, orange vanilla, lemon, cocoa raspberry and Voli original light.

Here’s the verdict:

Voli Vodka – Smooth and silky on the palate with a crisp and clean finish, hints of citrus and anise. Smoother than most vodkas.

Voli Original Light – Refreshing, clean, easy to drink and lower in calories than traditional vodka.

Espresso Vanilla Fusion – No mixer needed. The majority of us sampled this straight. With less of an ABV than most vodka (it’s 30%, or 60 proof), it didn’t have the harsh after-taste. It was quite smooth. One of our writers put it in his coffee.

Orange Vanilla – A summer creamsicle smoothie’s best friend. The ladies of DIA continued to discuss all the possibilities of this flavor. The general consensus was that it would be great in a smoothie or frozen beverage, sipped poolside.

Lemon – Sampled with the traditional soda water and then with sprite, topped with a lemon peel garnish (obviously). Again, easy to drink. No harsh vodka taste, yet smooth tangy lemon tones.

Raspberry Cocoa – The perfect combination of flavors. I may be bias as I always opt for the chocolate raspberry truffle desserts, but this is my favorite Voli flavor. Sampled to highlight the raspberry and not the cocoa, we enjoyed this with Prosecco, a splash of cranberry and fresh raspberries.

Had a chance to try Voli Vodka? We’re interested in hearing your take.